Get a Free Bible

Who are we?
We started as just one person who got the idea to send a Bible to anyone who asked for one. We're not a big group or affiliated with a church. We are just a husband and wife using our own money and depending on friends and family for help because we think everyone should have a Bible if they want one.

There really are no strings attached! You might get an email or two with helpful updates but that's all. Someone is available at all times who will be willing to answer your questions or "talk to" you via email. Look around, we have lots of resources on this website to get you started.

What we do: 

We give a totally free, brand new, full paperback NIV Bible to any individual who asks - one per address. We need your full name, address, city, state, including zip code and telephone number (we do not call you. requires a phone number for delivery purposes. If there is a delivery issue, you will most likely be contacted by them directly or by us via email). We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason.

Also if you have a prayer request, please include that in your request too! Every person who receives a Bible is prayed for by our prayer team. 

What we don't do:

We don't send Bibles to places other than the USA. To be honest, we would love to but we simply can't afford it. If you don't live in the US - please don't ask for a Bible because we can't send you one. 

We only give one Bible per address. We kindly ask that you request only one Bible. Since we are just a husband and wife using our own money, that money is stretched to the MAX and we want to give to as many people as possible.

We don't give Bibles to groups. 
We also do NOT send Bibles to groups. We believe that it is the responsibility of the group to provide for their own outreach. God WILL provide.

We don't give your name, address or phone number to anyone except for shipping purposes. It's completely confidential. 

Get a Free Bible doesn't call you - for any reason 

We don't knock on your door (We hate that too!) 

There are no ads and no one will EVER try to sell you anything.  When we say FREE, we mean it!

Prison Inmates: We have a special love for inmates. We send individual Bibles to inmates in all levels of incarceration. We want to make sure that your loved one actually gets their Bible. Please make sure that your family member has permission from the prison to receive packages such as this and that they are not housed in a temporary jail, waiting to be moved. Every inmate and their families are prayed for daily by our prayer team. We know it must be difficult having a loved one incarcerated.