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How to request a Bible:


  • Prison Inmates: We have a special love for inmates. We send individual Bibles to inmates in all levels of incarceration. We want to make sure that your loved one actually gets their Bible. Please make sure that your family member has permission from the prison to receive packages such as this and that you are giving us the most up to date information for them, including their ID number. Every inmate and their families are prayed for daily by our prayer team. We know it must be difficult having a loved one incarcerated.

  • Please note that since we are such a small operation and want to help as many as possible, we only send one Bible per address. Thank you for understanding!

  • We do not send Bibles to addresses other than the USA. To be honest, we would love to but we simply can't afford it. We are praying that God will someday open the door for our ministry to send Bibles everywhere but at this time, we can only afford to minister to the USA.

  • We also do not send Bibles to groups. We believe that it is the responsibility of churches to provide for their own outreach. God WILL provide for you.

If you meet all of these requirements, send us an email requesting a Bible. Please keep in mind that we MUST have your NAME, USA ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE and TELEPHONE NUMBER for delivery purposes. Get a Free Bible doesn't contact you unless there is an issue with your order.

Every person who asks for a Bible is prayed for so if you have a specific request, please include that too. Our prayer team prays daily for every request.  


Send us your pics!

Once you receive your Bible, post your pic with your new Bible on our Facebook page. We like to see who we're praying for! :) ​