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What Our Friends Say About Get a Free Bible..

‚Äč"I was not sure if it was true that there could really exist a website where a person or a group of people would actually give away free bibles and pray for complete strangers for no reason and ask for nothing in return...I received my bible yesterday and I just want to say thank you very much. You have been a blessing to me and now I do not doubt that you prayed for me. Thank you and may you and my family continue to be blessings to the world. God bless!" W.C., Missouri

"Hi there. i found your website on yahoo answers community when i asked where i could get a free bible mailed to me that wasn't a King James Version which i can't understand at all. I had been to church a long tme ago but was never saved until i just came to your site and read all of the different information and fell to the floor saying the prayer u have there and with tears rolling down my face and a totally broken heart, i received jesus into my heart and became a Christian and thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! 2nd Email: Hi anne!! I received my bible yesterday thank you so much!!!!I was so excited and thankful. I pray for you and your ministry's daily and its such a blessing." KW, Texas

"Thank you for this bible I have been taking it to church and youth group it has helped me greatly." DP, New York

"Before I start reading the Bible, I just want to say thanks! Today I received the bible!. Thank you very much and please remember me in your prayers!" RK, Virginia

"The brand new NIV bible that you bought for me arrived today. Thank you so much! I even really like the artwork on the cover. May your holy crusade be carried to victory on the wings of prayer!" C.S.

"I received my bible today....It was a good feeling. You did keep your promise. You guys rock!!" S.L.

"Anne, I have just received my new bible and would like to thank you very much for this generous blessing. I am looking forward to reading my new Bible and cannot wait to show it off to my fellow Church members again I would like to thank you and God bless." N.C.

"I love my Bible and have already started reading it. In this cruel and uncaring world you just have to look hard and you will find good people, who do something and it totally renews your faith in man. I hope you are blessed a thousand fold for helping me. Thank You" SH

"I've just recieved the bible you sent for me! I am so happy! This really means a lot to me & it is greatly appreciated!! I will be sure to read the section you recommended as well as the rest of the bible. :) again, thank you so much! ive been struggling a lot lately w different things & i am hoping i will find some help and answers within! Thank You!" SM, Virginia